Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology International Edition 3rd Edition

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A Synopsis of Ophthalmology 3rd Edition Volume 3

A Synopsis of Ophthalmology, Third Edition provides a comprehensive view of the fundamental aspects of ophthalmology. This book discusses the important practical points in clinical ophthalmology, with emphasis on eye diseases. Organized into 28 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the systematic routine for the examination of every ophthalmic patient. This text then discusses the seven distinct clinical variations of acute conjunctivitis, namely, simple acute conjunctivitis, mucopurulent conjunctivitis, purulent conjunctivitis, ophthalmia neonatorum, membranous conjunctivitis, phylctenular conjunctivitis, and photophthalmia. Other chapters consider the treatment of glaucoma, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, and antibiotics. This book discusses as well the advances in surgical techniques, particularly cryo-probe and laser-beam techniques. The final chapter deals with the various techniques of slit-lamp examinati


  • Contents
  • Preface to the Third Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Foreword
  • I. The Routine Examination of An Ophthalmic Patient
  • II. Diseases of the Conjunctiva: The Anatomy and Physiology of the Normal Conjunctiva-Acute and Chronic Conjunctivitis-Ophthalmia Nodosum-Syndrome Conjunctivitis-Pemphigus-Tuberculosis of the Conjunctiva-Syphilis of the Conjunctiva-Degenerative Changes-Conjunctival Cyst-Tumours of Conjunctiva-Conjunctival Wounds-Conjunctival Burns
  • III. Diseases of the Cornea: Anatomy and Physiology;Pathology; Classification-Ulcerations-Infiltration-Virus Disease-Degeneration-Dystrophies-Congenital Abnormalities-Wounds of the Cornea
  • IV. Drugs Affecting Intra-Ocular Muscles
  • V. Diseases of the Uveal Tract: Anatomy. General Remarks On Uveal Inflammation-Diseases of the Iris: Acute Iritis; Congenital Abnormalities of the Iris; Cysts of the Iris; Degenerations of the Iris-Diseases of the Ciliary Body-Diseases of the Choroid; Congenital Abnormalities; Inflammations of the Choroid; Degenerations of the Choroid-Detachment of the Choroid
  • VI. Diseases of the Retina: Anatomy; Classification-Vascular Lesions-Retinopathies-Retiniti-Degeneration-The Phakomatoses-Toxic Amblyopia-Traumatic Lesion-Retinal Detachment-Retrolental Fibroplasia
  • VII. Diseases of the Sclera: Anatomy-Episcleritis-Scleritis-Scleromalacia Perforans-Scleral Staphyloma-Blue Sclerotics
  • VIII. Diseases of the Optic Nerve: Anatomy-Inflammation-(Edema-Optic Atrophy-Congenital Abnormalitie-Injuries of the Optic Nerve
  • IX. Diseases of the Vitreous: Anatomy; Pathology-Opacities-Fluid Vitreous-Haemorrhage-Eales's Disease-Pus In The Vitreous-Persistent Hyaloid Artery-Injuries (Intra-Ocular Foreign Bodies)
  • X. Diseases of the Lens: Anatomy; Biochemistry-Cataract: Pathogenesis; Congenital Cataract;Senile Cataract; Metabolic Cataracts; Cataracts Due to Drugs; Irradiation Cataract; Secondary Cataract; Traumatic Cataract; Posterior Polar Cataract; After ' Cataract
  • XI. Glaucoma: Primary Glaucoma: Closed Angle Glaucoma; Glaucoma Simple. Secondary Glaucoma-Infantile Glaucoma (Buphthalmos)
  • XII. Diseases of the Orbit: Anatomy-Exophthalmos-Enophthalmos-Cellulitis-Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis-Orbital Periostitis-Nasal Sinusitis and Ocular Disease-Exophthalmic Goitre-Pulsating Exophthalmos-Exophthalmic Ophthalmoplegia-Orbital Tumours-Tumours of the Optic Nerve-Injuries of the Orbit
  • XIII. Diseases of the Eyelids: Anatomy-Inflammatory Disease-Disorders Due to Malposition of Lids-Tumours-Congenital Abnormalities of the Eyelids-Injuries of the Eyelids
  • XIV. Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus: Diseases of the Lacrimal Gland: Anatomy; Diseases of the Lacrimal Passages; Inflammations Affecting the Lacrimal Passages; Obstructions of the Lacrimal Passages
  • XV.. Intra-Ocular Neoplasms: Pathology-Carcinoma of the Choroid-Sarcoma of the Iris-Sarcoma of the Choroid-Sarcoma of the Ciliary Body-Glioma of the Retina
  • XVI. Optical Anomalies of the Eye: Hypermetropia-Myopia. Presbyopia-Astigmatism-Aphakia-Anisometropia
  • XVII. Anomalies of Ocular Movements: Anatomy and Physiology-Binocular Vision and Diplopia-Paralytic Strabismus-Concomitant Strabismus-Nystagmus
  • XVIII. Subjective Visual Disturbances: Disturbances of Visual Sensation. Disturbances of Visual Fields
  • XIX. Ocular Signs of General Disease
  • XX. Ocular Side-Effects of Systemic Medication
  • XXI. Contact Lenses
  • XXII.. The Eyes in Malnutrition
  • XXIII. Ophthalmic Operations
  • XXIV. Sympathetic Ophthalmia
  • XXV. Chemotherapy and Antibiotics In Eye Diseases
  • XXVI. Corticosteroids In Ophthalmology
  • XXVII.. Allergy In Ophthalmology
  • XXVIII. Slit-Lamp Microscopy
  • Index
  • Details
  • No. of pages: 284
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1967
  • Published: 1st January 1967
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 97

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